5 Ways to Add Customer Value to Your WordPress Website

5 Ways to Add Customer Value to Your WordPress Website

What kind of website do you have?  Is it basically a brochure for your company?  Merely a group of page describing who you are, what you do and how to contact you?  Step back and take a look at your site; does it have information worth coming back for?

Promote return visits to your website by adding features and information tailored for your customers.  This means, of course, identifying your customer.  Put yourself in their shoes; what do they want to see or need to know?  Next, start adding features, one at a time.  I wouldn’t go overboard.  Add one feature, see if it makes a difference in your stats, then add another.  I’m listing only 5 features to add value to your WordPress website, but there are as many ways to keep your customers coming back as their are websites.


Is your business event-based?  Then you need at least a calendar of upcoming events; most likely monthly calendars as well.  Calendars have other uses, though.  Accountants can list upcoming tax dates, a website covering government affairs could list important meeting dates.  My own business is service/consultative and I’ve been thinking about a calendar that shows upcoming online training, seminars and real-life conferences for people interested in WordPress and other kinds of internet technology.

Pro tip: See if paid events offer an affiliate fee – you could get paid for people who signup after going through your website.

Curated List.ly ListCurated Lists

I use List.ly on my site to easily collect information about free website fonts, icons, background textures, images free for commercial use, and websites running on WordPress.  These lists started out for my own use, but I get quite a few hits on those pages and have even had people contact me to add their site to a list.


Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs can be a great tool for any kind of business.  Don’t be afraid to get down to minute detail in your FAQs to underline how transparent and informative your business is.  I add a new FAQ to my list whenever I answer a question for someone on Twitter.


If you have a food blog or website, how about some weight/volume conversion calculators?  I know I can never remember how many teaspoons are in a tablespoon.  Home decorators could offer calculators for the amount of paint needed or fabric required for ruffles.  A winery could help calculate how much wine (and what kind) to buy according to menu and number of guests.2015-05-29_10-53-26


WordPress MeetupsBrick and mortar establishments need a Google map on their site, along with a button to push to let the customer get customized directions, but any kind of localized business can do the same.  Accountants can show locations of local IRS offices.  Lawn service companies might provide a list of properties they manage that potential customers could drive by and look at.  I could have a map showing WordPress meetups.  A running store could have a list of running routes mapped out.


Brainstorming is a perfect way to find website add-ons that keep your users coming back.  Don’t be afraid of dreaming big!  I’ve done local walking map routes on Google Maps very inexpensively for clients.  Once you have some ideas talk to your WordPress professional (like me).  There may be a pre-made plugin just perfect for your need.


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