Yoast’s Hidden Feature: the Bulk Editor

Yoast WordPress SEO plugin is a must-have which I include with every installations of WordPress I do.  It is free, full-featured and simple to use.  So simple, in fact, that I rarely spend much time on it – just setting it up and adding titles and descriptions to pages and posts.

In the redesign of my own Beyond Paper site I discovered that I didn’t have Yoast installed!  After installing and configuring, I wasn’t looking forward to editing every post and page to get the title and descriptions added in.  I was delighted, therefore, to find that there is a bulk editing feature which simplifies the process!

With Yoast installed and activated, log into the Admin dashboard and click on SEO -> Bulk Editor in the left-hand menu.  You’ll see two tabs, each with a listing of all of your posts and pages.  The first tab lets you edit the titles, the second the descriptions.


I went through and added SEO-friendly titles – it took me about 15 minutes for 160 entries.  The descriptions will take a bit longer, so I’m breaking that project into chunks.  What I will do is open each page/post in a new tab to refresh my memory of the content and then edit the content in the bulk editor.

The easiest way to open the page/post in a new tab is to hover over the title.  You’ll see options appear to edit or view the page.  Right-click on “view” and the page will open in a new tab!

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