Google Maps, Clip-Path, The Brain and More

Google Maps, Clip-Path, The Brain and More

There is a list of personal projects on my desk and I’m lucky enough to have time to address them.  Since most of them are works in progress I’ll just highlight them here.

Google Maps Plug for WordPress

This plugin, which lets users geocode WordPress posts to show on a map, is pretty much done.  I’m letting it sit for a day before I review the code and write up the readme.txt before submitting it to the WordPress repository.  This was a fun plugin to write and the next step is the premium version which will have lots of additional features.

Using Difference ModeClipPath and Blending Mode

CSS clip-path is fascinating and I’ve found Clip Path tool that makes it easy to generate the coordinates.  I already talked about it here and you can see some of my demos here and here.  You can see a test of blending mode here.

The Brain

I discovered The Brain when I receive an invite to an online seminar and was instantly hooked.  Think of it as a supercharged mind mapping tool.  Instead of being 2 dimensional, The Brain adds a third dimension, making it easy to link information and show relationships.  It isn’t a replacement for Evernote, but works as an adjunct.  I really need to dedicate a full article to this amazing tool.

Photo QuotesHTML5 Forms

Another demo is one from the great article “Why Infield Top Aligned Form Labels are Quickest to Scan“.  I followed an example by a commenter, but fleshed it out with a dropdown and checkboxes and added those rounded corners that are so popular these days.

Photo Quotes

I wrote about this one a few months ago, but I’ve actually used it in a project.  I’m thinking about making it a plugin; what do you think?


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